Exciting News for July 2015

NTC Human Dissection of Fascial Tissues

The world’s first-ever BioTensegrity-informed and BioTensegrity-focused Thiel dissection of human cadavers will take place this July. This course will provide the foundation for research into the biotensegrity model helping to explain the architecture of living motion. This rare and unique educational event will mark an historical development as Dr Stephen Levin (Orthopaedic Surgeon and “Father” of BioTensegrity) will join John Sharkey and myself, along with a team of anatomists and scientists as we seek to look for answers and identify new paradigms and new explanations in the true spirit of science. That is science translated and applied to clinical practice and the movement classroom. Be excited!! This is truly an exceptional opportunity.

Registration is now open at www.ntc.ie and places will fill quickly – so I encourage you to book and share this unique event as soon as you can, if you have any interest in human anatomy, biomechanics, chronic pain and therapeutic interventions. We are looking through a new lens (indeed a new context for) human motion.

There is lots of information (including downloadable pdfs) on the NTC website where you can book www.ntc.ie and catch the early bird discounts available. (I honestly don’t know how John is staging this professional event at this level of presentation for such a low cost – so I urge you to take full advantage of it.)

For those of you wondering what Thiel Dissection means – it is a highly specialised method of embalming that takes several months to prepare and allows the tissues to maintain a quality more like living tissue, than most classical methods of preservation. There is a lot more detail on the website.

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