John Sharkey MSc

Although not mentioned in the title, this book provides a passport for travel from the country of biomechanics to the other world of the syntactical BioTensegrity. The book is written specifically about Yoga, Fascia and MOVEMENT and therein lies the connection with BioTensegrity, the model that binds. The book itself reflects the very nature of BioTensegrity and fascial connectiveness. Intelligence is ubiquitous throughout and continuity ensures an easy read from beginning to end.

Supporting photographs (e.g. p.195, Figure 11.2) are rendering images that provide the reader with a stepping stone to other possible dimensions, movement explanations and new understandings of movement potential. As a Clinical Anatomist I found Chapter 5 to be a tour de force on the genesis, development and growth of us. Professor Darrell Evans rightly deserves Joanne’s thanks as their collaboration has proved to be a great success in “The Remarkable Human Blueprint“. YOGA: Fascia, Anatomy and Movement by Joanne Sarah Avison (Handspring Publishing) is a must-read for anyone interested in YOGA specifically and Human Movement generally. Not only does it get my thumbs up approval, it is a 5-star read.

John Sharkey MSc Clinical Anatomist and Member of BioTensegrity Interest Group (B.I.G.), Department of Clinical Sciences, University of Chester/NTC, Dublin, Ireland

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