Stephanie Pickering (Copy Editor of YOGA: Fascia, Anatomy & Movement)

I may have helped a bit with the prose, but the poetry is all yours!

I received my copy of the book yesterday afternoon (for which much thanks) and I was able to give it a proper look through yesterday evening. I have to say it looks really really good – you must have worked so hard to change the aspects that needed changing. The layout covers the page nicely, it is elegant and easy to follow, the little drawings flow beside the exercises and everything is in proportion. And the text of course is as interesting as it always was. They have put some good quotes on the back cover and the Myers foreword is perfect. So satisfying to see it in its finished form – thanks so much for that and for the experience of working on it with you, which was great. Congratulations on a job well done!


Back at you Stephanie – your “little bit of help” made a great big huge difference; thank you thank you thank you and Congratulations to YOU on a job well done – it cannot have been easy and you remained so patient with me…!

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