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This is John Sharkey; clinical anatomist and brilliant teacher. Together John and I have created a fabulous series of “around the table anatomy” courses, beginning with the One Series.

In these four introductory evening workshops, we will consider evolution, embryology, fascia, biotensegrity and how it all forms, moves and transforms our Remarkable Human Blueprint. (Please click here to book your place.) The series will be held on Tuesday evenings at the Old Fire House; where Susan Findlay directs NLSSM (The North London School of Sports Massage). Please click here for directions to The Old Fire House, N15 4RX

The sessions will all be held on the following Tuesday evenings between 6pm – 9pm on the following dates:

One Heart – 13th October 2015
One Nerve – 17th November 2015
One Net – 26th January 2015
One Muscle – 16th February 2015

£70 each or all 4-at-one booking for £250.

The course will include theory presentations, practical application and discussion in an easy intimate atmosphere where all levels of movement and manual practitioners can ask questions and take away lots of pearls, back to their clinics and classes. Please click here to book your place. (n.b. if you book 4 x Single Session, you will not receive the discount. Please go to the Four Session Block x 1 to buy the block of 4 and receive your discount. If you are booking less than four sessions, then each one will be £70).

Footnote: John and I are privileged to be co-chairing the presentation committee for the Biotensegrity Summit in Washington DC this September. Behind that commitment to volunteer our time, is a passionate belief in education and BioTensegrity as the fundamental logic behind anatomy, structure, function and movement in our living form. These are exciting times to be at the leading edge of a paradigm shift that is evolving the sense and science of movement and expanding many classical theories of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. Part of our remit is to make sure that the work of Dr Stephen Levin is accurately understood and taken forward into the world with exactly the integrity the name suggests. BioTensegrity refers to biological tensional integrity of form. Come and enjoy an unpretentious and fun atmosphere in which to pick up the very newest research and make sense of how it is applied in the real life situations in which we all work. We look forward to seeing you in October…(Please click here to book your place).

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