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Martin's interview

Human Dissection is a fascinating way to see the fascia and honour the donors who gave their bodies to assist our understanding of the Internal Net. John Sharkey is a clinical anatomist with many years experience and dedicated to education. His work is designed to expand and evolve our understanding of fascia, of the internal parts of the human form in their soft tissue context.  Joanne Avison looks at how the emerging Science of Body Architecture invites a new language of “biomotional intelligence”. How does the body write its own movement signature?

We ask “How do these parts multiply up to the whole possibility of movement?”

We consider how biotensegrity may have a profound role in our original structure. This occasion is a unique opportunity to ask these and other questions and to experience (with due respect and reverence) the finer details of our form. It is an exciting and rare opportunity to work with a very specialised form of Theil preservation.

Please click here to see more about the course and enrol in it, via NTC. Held at the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification, University of Dundee on July 2nd, 3rd 4th 2015. For overview, information and Seminar Brochure.

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