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You will know from my last blog on Linda’s teacher training (YTT) that I think very highly of her work. I had the huge privilege of being invited to teach an evening event on it, so I got to meet the lovely students of the last course (2016). We did an Embryo Sound Meditation which was fabulous fun to do. This year, I’ve been invited back to present how the embryo grows the spine, according to the Chakras. It is beautifully linked (as nature would do it of course) with the physiology and the psychology of human development; writ large in the tissues we self-assemble from conception.

I’m so excited to be contributing to this course, along with Katie, Alex and KD (see Linda’s website) and it will be slightly different to the last one. No trip to India this time, but more weekends in the UK. If you have even the smallest inclination to teach (or deepen your own enjoyment of) yoga and flowing, beautiful movements, sound currents, meditation, teaching practice and so much more – just do it. This course promises to be outstanding, different, meaningful and very special. It also includes free access to all of Linda’s weekly yoga classes at the Treehouse Studio, for the period of the 200 hour programme.

(That is worth the whole course by itself….and I promise Linda didn’t pay me to say this!). I’ve met hundreds and hundreds of yoga teachers in the last 20 plus years of learning and teaching and I can say from experience that Linda understands in the most exquisite and unique way. Her ability to give her ability to her students is a gift beyond anything. Watch the beautiful video that Genevieve created and you’ll see immediately what I mean.

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