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Linda d’Antal is much more than a very dear friend of mine. Linda is the person I admire the most in the Yoga field for a number of reasons, not least of which is her intelligence and her exquisite understanding of ancient yoga and contemporary yoga therapy and teaching. Here are five reasons why I frankly envy anyone free to do these five weekends of the training programme Linda has designed; and the week in Goa at the end: 5 Star training, I have no doubt. It is a small course, 15 max, so don’t miss this opportunity.

  1. Excellence – Linda is simply the best yoga teacher I know and (having been taught by many of the top in the field over 20 years or more) I can only say: “do this if you can – I wish I could“. It is a training I wish I had had when I started learning to teach yoga.
  2. Transformation – there is a rare gift that some teachers have, to transfer their ability to their students. I have watched Linda, countless times, work with someone who simply “can’t do that pose” find themselves doing it. I have also watched her teach someone to teach it, and if you want that skill; go to Linda.
  3. Intelligence – when I wrote the book (YOGA; Fascia, Anatomy and Movement) Linda was my oracle. It is to her that I owe a debt of gratitude for joining the dots in so many aspects of my understanding of how to integrate the leading edge of anatomy with the truest understanding of yoga and its essence. Linda gave me a context of pranayama that made sense of the fascial matrix both literally and symbolically. Her understanding of Pawan Muktasana and the process of yoga is frankly second to none. I’m hard to please; this is not because I love her and her work. It is because you will too, when you find yourself enabled to do it. Her yoga-ness is second to none.
  4. Fluff – there isn’t any. I remember when Linda used to have a pink fire place; along with lots of bells and tinkly crystals hanging around the beautiful yoga room at Tree House Yoga. Don’t be fooled; that is part of the atmosphere, like the beautiful Chai Tea she makes after class sometimes. Catch a moment of Linda with her reading glasses on the end of her nose and a book in her hand and frankly, watch and learn!! The profound understanding behind those eyes is formidable.
  5. Congruency – Linda will bring you to a place where Mind, Body and Being can find congruency, through philosophy, through historical understanding of yoga, through practice and through practical exercises. Her knowledge of this field in all its aspects is so beautifully translated in her quiet example and animated presence in the class room, that it is almost irresistible to simply “get it“. Have no doubts, just do the course if you can! It’s simply the best and I have taken this opportunity to say so because it’s true. Email me via this site if you wish to confirm that; with love joanne sarah xx
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