What makes us all the same is that we’re all unique.

Archetypes are universal patterns, vital forces, deeply embedded in the psyche - meaning soul - of every human being. Each of us personalise and express these power patterns in our own unique way

Mapping your Archetypal Profile (MAP) is a live-online, interactive course where you uncover your unique set of 12 archetypes. The supreme value of ‘pattern recognition’ is a creative and inspiring resource that lights up your understanding of yourself, your friends, your families, your colleagues, and loved ones. It’s an intuitive skill and powerful tool that you will learn, for inner-work and self-development.

Through participating in this process, you will acquire a whole new way of seeing. It will profoundly change your relationship with yourself and others, giving you a new sense of purpose, self-worth, self esteem, and empowerment. You get to do you, even better!

MAP is an Autumn/Winter course designed to go deep on self-study and self-empowerment. It’s all about you.
This 6 month live-online course takes place once a year from September to April. On completion of the course you will receive ongoing support every month throughout the following Astrological year.

Whats involved:
Every other week a live-online, in-person, group coaching session with Joanne
Every other week a live-online, in-person, group Q&A session with Joanne
Recordings of all live events are uploaded to your library, along with additional materials including audio resources, meditations, and PDFs to support your learning.
Post-programme mentoring - one year of live-online, in-person, group monthly coaching sessions following completion of the course
A beautiful set of archetype cards and a chart (sent to you by real live snail mail). The cards include over 100 archetype patterns and a PDF of definitions, for you to keep and work with throughout the MAP course.
You will create your own unique chart (your Archetypal-Zengram - your A-Z) and learn the skills of self-empowerment that it brings you.

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What you will learn

In M.A.P. you will begin learning the language of archetypes, as a powerful tool of self-awareness, that shifts and transforms how you see yourself. Revealing your 12 unique archetypal patterns becomes a profound, living, personal resource. It transforms your life story, expanding your awareness to meet and match others, and shift your relationships to everyone and everything. When you know how to work with your archetypes you’ll see that your M.A.P. serves your highest purpose in magical and mystical ways.

Why people love MAP, and come back again and again.

Judy, Canada

The course met and exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed the course - Joanne and her team were very knowledgeable and encouraging throughout the course. I have a better understanding of some of my behaviours and the impact they have in my daily interactions. My archetype journey is just beginning. Thank you for all the hard work you and your team did putting this course together. [This] has been a fascinating journey which I will continue on. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with such enthusiasm.

Naiara, Portugal

As I jumped in without knowing much, I got really impressed with the content. I confess that I was expecting something more [directly] related to movement, or to the body but it was really enriching, that’s for sure. It was really a pleasure to meet you Joanne, that’s made all the sense for me. Thank you for the honesty and faith!

Harry, Canada

This process, along with other things I’m learning about myself and am working on, seems to be leading me into a more divine or non-physical direction which I find quite exhilarating. From a place of non-ego, I find myself and this process utterly fascinating to learn about and explore.

Jackie, UK

I started the course with no expectations. I was unable to grasp fully what the course would deliver but had a pull to attend it. The course has delivered more than I would have believed. The last session as promised was the magic as I could not see how my 12 would be able to make a story. The 12 appeared too 'woowoo' to be true….
…The course is so much greater than is presented. For me I can see how the maps can be cast on many levels, not just a physical journey but also on the spiritual travels and also on the combined physical/spiritual journey where they meet. Without thought we live our lives on many levels at any one time this is a way to open our awareness to the greater story.

Dorothy, Canada

I don't know that I had a preconceived notion on what to expect going in. Such hard internal work, but I can see great benefit for me personally now and while I work through my Zengram going forward. Still early days for much insight, but I do appreciate the opportunity for learning this (previously unknown to me) way of viewing the how/why of me <3

Kathy, Canada

More than met my expectations. I knew I needed something on my journey and I spoke about it and I wondered if there was any way to learn more and this opportunity arose. 🙏🏻
It’s hard to put into words… I have gained so much insight into myself. This has allowed expansion and change within. Trust in my intuition. Belief in myself. Loving myself for who I am. And a greater appreciation for other people, beings, life, our universe. So much makes more sense though I cannot verbalize it. My language has changed. My thoughts have changed …I’m more aware of what I’m putting out there. I find myself thinking more globally and offering time and space in my life to “pray” for the greater good, the highest and best for all beings. This practice kind of evolved as the course progressed. The need to do this has become quite strong since understanding archetypes and recognizing what I think I always knew but was not paying attention to yet recognized something was missing. I am filled with gratitude for this opportunity to learn and expand. I believe a better version of me has evolved and shines.

Amanda, Florida, USA

This course had me at the Fundamental Four Friends! Knowing my child and her companions, was simply transformative. It changed everything I do, feel, think. I’m so grateful – it changed how I perceive and handle my own fears and concerns and how I relate to things happening around me.

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