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About Joanne Avison

I am passionate about the New Science of Body Architecture, redefining living anatomy of the 21st Century. Body Architecture includes the geometry of form and consciousness in real live animated beings “like what we are”. That fascination led to pioneering the practical application of Biotensegrity, working to make sense of people in motion, in practical ways for movement teachers and manual practitioners. After directing the Yoga Teacher Training school (Art of Contemporary Yoga, AOCY) and writing the book YOGA: Fascia, Anatomy & Movement (Handspring 2015) the Anatomy Basic Course (ABC) was born…




ABC provides a thorough foundation in living anatomy for the 21st Century. It takes us from Anatomy to Animated Architecture, Biomechanics to Biotensegrity and Classical to Connected. We discover that the connective tissue of the fascia forms us in the “joined-up writing” of our biology-in-motion and biography-in-time. Joanne teaches these courses in person, in Brighton, UK and around the world. Beginning at Ground Zero (Introduction), Levels 1 - 4, (four modules per level) each course includes clear interactive lectures, practical activities and lots of “take home” exercises for all movement teachers to implement within their own discipline immediately.



Biotensegrity emerges as 21st Century anatomy and biomechanics of how we self-assemble, self-organise and move ourselves around. We are animated by our own unique nature and patterns of “biomotional intelligence”. This exciting and multi-dimensional paradigm applies to everyone everywhere. As one of the early pioneers of the Biotensegrity Interest Group (B.I.G.) Joanne brings the theory into practice through her book, the ABC Programme and Online Courses, interviews and resources. Joanne regularly presents at international conferences and events. Click here if you would like to facilitate an ABC course, or invite Joanne to teach via online link on your training course.


As internationally acclaimed author of YOGA Fascia Anatomy and Movement, Joanne’s pioneering enquiry into the fields of fascia and biotensegrity, seeks to bridge the divide between the application of classical anatomy and real-life experiences of practicing and teaching yoga. This book presents fascia as the tensional network of connective tissues; the fabric of the human form. Research into fascia is revealing a whole new context for understanding the human body both at rest and in motion. Biotensegrity provides the important laws of nature that animate how the fascia works as an essential ingredient of the New Science of Body Architecture. (See Chapter 3, or take one of the ABC Classes to learn how to help your clients and students to move better…