Anatomy Basic Course Online - Launching Springtime 2021

Why do you need to know what fascia is and why it makes such a difference to teaching movement? Can learning anatomy overwhelm you too? ABC is an online Foundation Program, bringing anatomy to life. We turn the histories and the mysteries of the human body into magical resources, so that you can confidently teach your clients and understand their structure. You learn to see, read and profile clients so they can move better, their way, whatever kind of movement you teach! It’s like having a secret code to successful performance, and a personal coach to guide your quest!

Our course distinguishes (and animates) the true nature of human architecture as our unique archetypal expression. Everyone has a unique body blueprint and by recognising, feeling and sensing it, we can learn to transform ourselves from the inside out! ABC gives you the map to confidently support your clients in the exploration of their own territory – we would love to guide you on your unique journey – we are all in this together! 

Anatomy to Architecture

In Part A, we consider the fundamentals of fascia and how we translate that knowledge into practice. We consider the history of anatomy and how architecture shapes us and moves us.

Biomechanical to Biomotional

In Part B, we consider the foundations of biomotional integrity, including Biotensegrity and Embryology. We make sense of how we feel our way into form and how we stay in shape.

Classical to Connected

In Part C, we have Guest Faculty; John Sharkey and Karen Kirkness. We integrate classical anatomy with contemporary understanding of how we actually connect to ourselves and others.

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