YOGA Fascia Anatomy and Movement (YFAM) Minicourse -  available now!

Are you a movement teacher or manual practitioner? Would you love to understand “body language” in its own dialect, so you can help your clients move better? Have you wished you understood anatomy in a way that makes more sense of the living body in motion – whatever your discipline? 

Over 25 years of studying and researching connective tissue, I have learned to speak fluent fascia and in 2012 I was asked to write a book about it. This minicourse brings that work to life, in a practical way, animating the first four chapters of YOGA Fascia Anatomy and Movement.

This book is on many teacher training reading lists and in the minicourse I share some of the fascinating ways this fabric of our form expresses us. We consider how it was missed, historically (with a lovely audio bonus) and how essential it is to our sensory awareness as well as our movement ability.  You will see the work of a specialised surgeon, Jean-Claude Guimberteau, illuminating the liquid-crystal magic of the fascia in all of us. The minicourse modules include:

0. Introduction and overview
1. Crossing the Rubicon
2. The Paradigm Shift
3. From Anatomy to Architecture
4. Living Fascia
5. Patterns of Nature
6. The Story so far…

My intention is for you to use it to enhance your own teaching practice; whatever modality you express yourself in! I remain fascinated by the grace and mystery of the moving matrix: I hope the YFAM Online mini-course will shift your perception of human anatomy from two-dimensional, abstract parts; to multi-dimensional, living architecture.

For your information the duration times of the Course Materials are as follows:

Video Course Material: App. 1 hr 15 minutes
Audio Course Material: App. 45 minutes
PDF Course Material: Introduction + 6 sets of accompanying notes.

We recommend that this is designed to work alongside the reading of
Chapters 1, 2 & 3 of YOGA FASCIA ANATOMY & MOVEMENT Book. We have created this course in a pre-recorded format to make it as accessible as possible to our international community.  However, we truly value the live, interactive aspect of education, and will therefore be offering a live monthly 'book club' event, hosted by Joanne, with opportunity for questions, discussions and general deepening of the learning experience through the group interaction.

Anatomy Basic Course Online - Launching Springtime 2021

Why do you need to know what fascia is and why it makes such a difference to teaching movement? Can learning anatomy overwhelm you too? ABC is an online Foundation Program, bringing anatomy to life. We turn the histories and the mysteries of the human body into magical resources, so that you can confidently teach your clients and understand their structure. You learn to see, read and profile clients so they can move better, their way, whatever kind of movement you teach! It’s like having a secret code to successful performance, and a personal coach to guide your quest!

Our course distinguishes (and animates) the true nature of human architecture as our unique archetypal expression. Everyone has a unique body blueprint and by recognising, feeling and sensing it, we can learn to transform ourselves from the inside out! ABC gives you the map to confidently support your clients in the exploration of their own territory – we would love to guide you on your unique journey – we are all in this together! 

Anatomy to Architecture

In Part A, we consider the fundamentals of fascia and how we translate that knowledge into practice. We consider the history of anatomy and how architecture shapes us and moves us.

Biomechanical to Biomotional

In Part B, we consider the foundations of biomotional integrity, including Biotensegrity and Embryology. We make sense of how we feel our way into form and how we stay in shape.

Classical to Connected

In Part C, we have Guest Faculty; John Sharkey and Karen Kirkness. We integrate classical anatomy with contemporary understanding of how we actually connect to ourselves and others.

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