Pain Removed Performance Improved

For 20 years I was a chocolatier; working in the magic and mystery of the liquid crystal medium we call “chocolate”. Then I became a yoga teacher and manual therapist, specialising in soft tissue (fascia), learning (for the next 20 years) that we have an inner matrix that is also a liquid crystal medium.

As a storyteller, full of wonder and curiosity about how this magical, living architecture of each unique human form works, I was fascinated to write “YOGA: Fascia, Anatomy and Movement”. I learned we each express our own matrix our own way; archetypally. It led me via many scientists, researchers, clients and curious fellow beings, to presenting around the world from the leading edge of this fascinating field.

How do fascia and biotensegrity (the geometry of our form) help us to move better, feel better and enjoy more? I will be talking to some of those experts and sharing some experiences from the thousands of movement and manual sessions I have done and hours I have spent in the anatomy laboratory; exploring how fascia (our self-assembled inner matrix) reveals its secrets. We don’t always know the code, but since the magic is sometimes in the mystery, the stories help us to better understand pain (to remove it) and performance (to improve it), in our own unique (and archetypal) ways.

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