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Yoga Teacher Training 2017 (new)

You will know from my last blog on Linda’s teacher training (YTT) that I think very highly of her work. I had the huge privilege of being invited to teach an evening event on it, so I got to meet the lovely students of the last course (2016). We did an Embryo Sound Meditation which was fabulous fun

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Yoga Teacher Training

Linda d’Antal is much more than a very dear friend of mine. Linda is the person I admire the most in the Yoga field for a number of reasons, not least of which is her intelligence and her exquisite understanding of ancient yoga and contemporary yoga therapy and teaching. Here are five reasons why I frankly

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Exciting New Workshop Series!

This is John Sharkey; clinical anatomist and brilliant teacher. Together John and I have created a fabulous series of “around the table anatomy” courses, beginning with the One Series.

In these four introductory evening workshops, we will consider evolution, embryology, fascia, biotensegrity and how it all forms, moves and transforms our Remarkable Human Blueprint. (Please click here to book

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Biotensegrity and the Flea

Biotensegrity, in the words of John Sharkey, is “the model that binds“. We might say it explains the fabric of the fascia (meaning “binding”) as an architecture that is bound; i.e. held together, held apart and moved around the way we can and do.

Biotensegrity challenges many traditional biomechanical notions of stacked bones, levers, pendulums and shear

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NTC Human Dissection of Fascial Tissues

Exciting News for July 2015

The world’s first-ever BioTensegrity-informed and BioTensegrity-focused Thiel dissection of human cadavers will take place this July. This course will provide the foundation for research into the biotensegrity model helping to explain the architecture of living motion. This rare and unique educational event will mark an historical development as Dr Stephen Levin (Orthopaedic Surgeon and “Father”

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The Northern Wheatear; a tiny songbird, weighing less than an ounce, that flies thousands of miles each year

The 4th Dimension - a Guest Post

Elegant Tesseract

by John Sharkey

From my perspective I am conscious that when talking to practitioners who have trained in various therapies or movement modalities the term “4d” can take on different meanings. Simply put, the 4th dimension provides a method for the 3rd dimension to change.

With my anatomy hat on I can tell you that we humans

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An Introduction to Biotensegrity

Many articles refer to “Biotensegrity” as if it is a principle that can be discussed separately from “fascia”, the connective tissue of the human form. That is like studying bricklaying and building and stone masonry as if it has nothing to do with architecture.  Of course, we are talking about the human body here. Much

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Martin's interview

Unique Opportunity

Human Dissection is a fascinating way to see the fascia and honour the donors who gave their bodies to assist our understanding of the Internal Net. John Sharkey is a clinical anatomist with many years experience and dedicated to education. His work is designed to expand and evolve our understanding of fascia, of the internal

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Contra lateral work - Copy

Born to Dance

Today, with the advent of Fascia Research we are beginning to understand the significance of this connecting fabric of the “in between” that forms our body architecture. New questions arise about the experience of how we move around. Are we more than a biomechanical lever system?

Historically, this “body fabric” was routinely scraped out of the

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Mind Body Spirit; who separated them in the first place?

According to Descartes (1596-1650), often described as the Father of Modern Science and/or Medicine; not only were mind and spirit separable from the body, but physical human movement could legitimately be likened to a machine or object of mechanical function; such as a clock.

In order to get permission to do human dissection and “prove” how

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