Joanne Avison, MSS, KMI, CTK, C-IAYT, E-RYT500

Hi! I'm Joanne Avison

Twenty years ago, I had to completely re-invent myself at 40, when my career as a chocolatier abruptly ended and writing, illustrating and a deep fascination with humans being, became my full-time work. I was already a yoga teacher and became a manual practitioner, passionate about “pain removed, performance improved” and making a difference to people. I studied anatomy and archetypes and learned to “speak fluent fascia”. I discovered some fabulous secrets about the grace and mystery of our moving matrix.

Curiously, everyone has their own movement signature and body dialect. “What makes us all the same, is that we are all unique” and we each have our own posture profile (and fascia type)! Twenty years later, I appreciate how important it is to meet and match our clients’ unique expression – and know our own!

If you teach movement, of any stripe, you have a special gift to share, and a unique style. Without compromising your self-expression or theirs, you can transform your confidence, your clients and your classes – safely and superbly.  Learning to speak fascia, you can unlock the language of the living body – and the signature-style of the one who animates it!

YOGA Fascia, Anatomy and Movement is now in its 2nd Edition and I love animating all that it researches and reveals, so everyone can move better!

Come and join us, the more the magicaler!  
In grace and gratitude,

Professional Certification

Joanne is an international teacher of applied structural anatomy for movement and manual practitioners in a variety of fields. She is a professional Structural Integration practitioner, member of IASI (International Association of Structural Integrators) and certified teacher (KMI, Anatomy Trains 1998-2005: Tom Myers’ school) and Director of the Art of Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training, London, UK. The school registration (2006 onwards) qualified as an RYS-500, with Yoga Alliance (US), European Yoga Alliance and Indian Federation of Yoga. As an advanced Yoga Practitioner and Certified Yoga Therapist, C-IAYT (Certified by International Association of Yoga Therapists), Joanne appreciates the art, craft and science of yoga and body architecture. Her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Sciences has deepened her understanding of yoga and the philosophy behind it, that relates closely to how the physical body integrates and animates form. For Joanne the study of philosophy and anatomy are not necessarily separate, which is a unique approach to integrated practice.

Joanne is also trained in Cranio-Sacral Therapy, continuously working in A.R.T. (Autoimmune Response Testing) and F.S.M. (Frequency Specific Microcurrent) to further her studies in complementary health and complementary medicine. She is also a graduate of the CMED Institute, USA. After over 20 years of manual and movement practice, she appreciates deeply the resonance field(s) the body animates as a living form.

As a Member of the Biotensegrity Interest Group (B.I.G.), Joanne is fascinated by the application of Biotensegrity principles to the understanding of the human blueprint and natural structural organisation in motion. Her writing and workshops are devoted to making this emerging context for human movement applicable and clearly understood. “It makes sense of how we make sense of our world, literally and symbolically

BioTensegrity is an emerging context for what I refer to as “biomotional integrity”. That is – how we move the way we do. Understanding the fascia and the fabric of our form is relatively meaningless, without the architectural organisation of that fabric, explaining how it permits movement and indeed manages the movement forces we move (that move us). We are formed under tension; pre-stressed or pre-stiffened – but what does that mean to us as movement teachers or manual therapists? What are the implications of tensional forces through the matrix of our living, animated form? The fascia is a force transmission system. Biotensegrity offers a very compelling paradigm that makes sense of its many structures and functions and multifaceted assets. It also transforms our understanding of connection and resonance; with ourselves and others”

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