Learning the Science and Spirit of Body Architecture

The missing links to be a better movement and manual practitioner

The Masterclasses

Our masterclasses are for movement and manual practitioners who are fascinated by fascia and how we move it as it shapes every one of us (uniquely) all the time. Understanding fascia and how it self-organises within each of us – holds many keys for optimising your own and your clients’ performance, whatever modality you teach or practice.

Series 1 & 2 are now available as recordings.

The Book

 This book is a must-read for all the history of fascia and the science-based research behind it, explained and illustrated in full colour. It makes sense of yoga movement, anatomy and even the philosophy behind it. Fascia literally unites our body, mind and being – just as it unites all the different types and branches of yoga practices. From movement and meditation to myofascial release – it gives you the tools to make sense of yoga from the outside in!

The Podcast

The Joanne Avison Podcast is a journey into Spiritual Science, examining the sacred geometry of human form and motion. Reflecting on her rich experience as a movement and manual therapy practitioner, Certified Archetypal Consultant, ordained minister and doctoral student of Spiritual Science; Joanne challenges our assumptions of human anatomy, and asks us to consider the true meaning of practical spirituality and the patterns of (our) body and being.

YTT with Arhanta

Fascia Yoga Teacher Training is a 50-hour online continuing education programme for qualified yoga teachers who are looking to expand and deepen their knowledge and understanding of fascia anatomy and what that means in practice. This course is simplified and clarified to include Myofascial Release and the 8 Secrets of Fascia to inform all types of yoga practices and aspects of the body, including the spine, the limbs, Pranayama, Senior group classes and so much more.

“…it is so essential to meet and match our clients’ unique expression – and know our own!” 


“Understanding fascia is recognising how movement and manual therapy work uniquely for everyone. Learning to read Posture Profiles give us new access to individual fascia patterns. This is where we unlock the keys to serving ourselves optimally and delivering the best service possible for each of our unique clients.” 

“Yoga is an exquisite practice that goes way beyond postures on a mat. If we can recognise our own and others’ pattern design, we can serve our clients, especially one-to-one, at the next level! It brings clarity and confidence to the teacher – from the inside out!”  

About Joanne

Hi! I'm Joanne Sarah

When I was 40, I had to completely re-invent myself, when my career as a chocolatier abruptly ended. I was already an established yoga teacher and became a manual practitioner, passionate about “pain removed, performance improved” and making a difference to people. I studied anatomy and archetypes and learned to “speak fluent fascia” and “fluent archetypes”. I discovered some fabulous secrets about the grace and mystery of our moving matrix. Writing, illustrating and a deep fascination with humans being, inspired me.

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Fascia & Living Tensegrity

Myofascia and Myofascial Release (MFR) have become buzzwords in recent years. However, there is far more to understanding how fascia forms the body-in-motion than just the “myo” (meaning “muscle”) aspect of it. Fascia is the foundation fabric of our Body Architecture. It is also the fabric of your expression, AS YOU!!

The “magic of fascia” is about understanding what that means, so we can move better. Beyond that (and our five senses) is the metaphysical domain of energy medicine. Your fascia is your body’s own “internal-net” feedback system. It gives you your sense of who, how and where you are at any moment in time – and where you are in space.

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