Where trainers and teachers come to elevate their knowledge, evolve their practice, and make the difference their clients are looking for. Our unique movement and coaching programme is designed for professionals who want to integrate fascia science with spiritual wisdom into their work.   



Understand how myofascial movement affects every body - uniquely. Myofascial Magic in Action provides practitioners with client-centred micro-movement keys to optimise individual ability within a movement repertoire, transforming the difference it can make!

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Fascia Yoga Teacher Training is a self-paced, 50-hour online continuing education programme for qualified yoga teachers who are looking to expand and deepen their knowledge and understanding of fascia anatomy and what that means in practice.

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"What makes us the same, is that we are all unique"



The Joanne Avison Podcast is a journey into Spiritual Science, examining the sacred geometry of human form and motion. Reflecting on her rich experience as a movement and manual therapy practitioner, Certified Archetypal Consultant, ordained minister and doctoral student of Spiritual Science; Joanne challenges our assumptions of human anatomy, and asks us to consider the true meaning of practical spirituality and the patterns of (our) body and being.


This book is a must-read for all the history of fascia and the science-based research behind it, explained and illustrated in full colour. It makes sense of yoga movement, anatomy and even the philosophy behind it. Fascia literally unites our body, mind and being – just as it unites all the different types and branches of yoga practices. From movement and meditation to myofascial release – it gives you the tools to make sense of yoga from the outside in!


I offer 1-2-1 sessions to movement and manual professionals who seek to raise their understanding and application of fascia science and spiritual wisdom into their work, within the context of a mentoring relationship.

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The Masterclasses

Our masterclasses are for movement and manual practitioners who are fascinated by fascia and how we move it as it shapes every one of us (uniquely) all the time. Understanding fascia and how it self-organises within each of us – holds many keys for optimising your own and your clients’ performance, whatever modality you teach or practice.

Series 1 & 2 are now available as recordings.


Dr Joanne Avison


When I was 40, I had to completely re-invent myself, when my career as a chocolatier abruptly ended. I was already an established yoga teacher and became a manual practitioner, passionate about “pain removed, performance improved” and making a difference to people. I studied anatomy and archetypes and learned to “speak fluent fascia” and “fluent archetypes”. I discovered some fabulous secrets about the grace and mystery of our moving matrix. Writing, illustrating and a deep fascination with humans being, inspired me.

Within the last 10 years, I began to work with a Wisdom School and discovered, to my delight, that the fascia plays an integral role in Spiritual Science, just as it does in anatomy science. I began to bridge the two worlds and see the “interstitium” as the interface of our architecture where Spirit animates us. Our unique expression, our Soul Essence, forms the patterns of the matter each one of us moves around in; expressing the soul as we are.

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