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21st Century Anatomy and Biotensegrity translated into practice for Movement Teachers – so you can help people move better with confidence and clarity, from the heart. Come and join us to understand the magical language of fascia – and how to speak it fluently! 

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Ever wished you could understand anatomy in practice, to help your clients move better? Join our online course to translate living anatomy of fascia, empowering YOU to empower your clients. 

The Book

“A superb, practical resource; transformative” says Helen Eadie. YOGA Fascia, Anatomy & Movement is packed with new research, science & practices that make sense of humans moving. Transform your classes & clients. 

The Podcast

 “You should be charging for this, it’s so good” says Jan Trewartha. This free podcast Pain Removed: Performance Improved, delivers delicious stories and interviews linked to the magic of fascia – in practice

About me

“What makes us all the same, is that we are all unique”

Hi! I'm Joanne Avison

Twenty years ago, I had to completely re-invent myself at 40, when my career as a chocolatier abruptly ended and writing, illustrating and a deep fascination with humans being, became my full-time work. more

Fascia & Biotensegrity

Fascia is the fabric of our form. The “magic of fascia” is about what that really means in terms of anatomy, biomechanics and classical theories of how we move. Beyond that (and it takes us beyond our five senses) is the metaphysical domain of energy medicine. Your fascia is your body’s own feedback system. It gives you your sense of you; where you are, how you are and how your energy matrix is resonating….and so much more.

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