Fascia Yoga Teacher Training with Arhanta

Fascia Yoga Teacher Training
 is a self-paced, 50-hour online continuing education programme for qualified yoga teachers who are looking to expand and deepen their knowledge and understanding of fascia anatomy and what that means in practice.

This take-the-theory-into-practice course is simplified and clarified to include Myofascial Release and the 8 Secrets of Fascia to inform all types of yoga practices and aspects of the body, including the spine, the limbs, Pranayama, Senior group classes and so much more.

Based on Joanne’s revolutionary book: ‘Yoga, Fascia, Anatomy and Movement’ (widely recognised as an essential resource for all yoga teachers) the course translates the theory of fascia and myofascial release through demonstrations, presentations, creative modeling, and inspiring visualisation, put into practice. You will dive deep into exactly what fascia is, and its fundamental relationship to your entire body, your breath, movement and stillness, asana, and meditation practice so that you can translate that into your own classes. Joanne takes you step-by-step through building your tool box with specific keys to add to any style of yoga, be it one-to-one or in groups.

Through understanding the structure of fascia we can learn it has physical and metaphysical properties; how we feel and how we move; how we sense our way into forms. Whatever style of yoga you practice, you will be able to bring a creative quality and dimension to your teaching in unlimited ways.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Fascia Yoga Teacher Training is Yoga Alliance accredited and made in collaboration with international yoga training institute: Arhanta Online Academy (AOA). You can find more detailed information and purchase the course on the AOA website, click below.

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