Mapping your Archetype Profile (MAP)

Frame and reclaim your life path by mapping your unique archetype profile. 

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The essence of who you are and why you are here is practical, symbolic and archetypal – all at the same time! Drawing on the ancient spiritual wisdom of archetypes and the new science of body architecture; you can identify your deeper personal patterns and pathways, whatever shape you are in. You then have a map as a forever resource to embody, from the inside out, as life unfolds!

Find out that you are the one you are looking for!

Throughout this programme we will walk step-by-step along the path to identifying your unique multidimensional nature, through the lens of your archetypes.

Did you know that we all have a basic Cardinal Compass of Four Friends; the inner pillars of our most fundamental archetypal patterns? The other eight, in our individual “soul-set” form the 12-team that we reveal in this course – along with the inner sanctum where we can learn to distinguish their unique voices. These and many other intuitive skills will be developed in this course – so that you can discover you are your best friend!

When you discover your own inner compass and recognise both the personal and impersonal nature of who and how you are, magic happens! When the patterns of your psyche and soma become aligned, you can experience the daily joy of congruence between body and being, through mapping your own archetype profile.

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