ABC Masterclasses

From Anatomy to Architecture, Biomechanics to Biomotion, Classical to Connected.
ABC Masterclasses are professional development programs for body workers and movement teachers who are fascinated by fascia and looking to apply the science of body architecture to their practice. Certificate of attendance is awarded on completion (with YACEP). 

Series 1 – Fascia Foundations

This four-part series is now available as a recording of the live sessions. Each masterclass is brimming with essential teaching tools to integrate into your own practice. For movement and manual practitioners who are fascinated by fascia and how it functions and supports us in practice.

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Series 2 – The Sacred Spine

This three-part theory-to-practice series ‘The Sacred Spine’ is now available as a recording of the live sessions. Each masterclass is brimming with more essential teaching tools, focusing on both the physical and metaphysical aspects of the living human spine, in motion. 

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Verena Tremel, Director of Studio Rituel, Paris

Joanne Avison’s ABC course is a must for any movement educator, body worker or really anyone who takes his body and mind serious enough to want to learn more about it.

What I find particularly refreshing about her her approach, is that Joanne doesn’t bombard you with yet some more dusted dry anatomy with its usual 2 -dimensional logic but instead you get a glimpse of what living anatomy ( of the 21st century !) really is- and it is truely fasciAnating.

Joanne has the rare gift to turn sometimes boring / sometimes complex theory into a practical experience.
By exploring more than writing you will be able to remember and put into practice what you’ve learned whatever your field of expertise might be.

Her courses are packed with images , stories and movement explorations and are accessible to anyone with an open mind.

Whether you are an expert in the medical or intellectual field or coming from a pure movement background , Jo speaks your language and she will certainly leave you wanting to learn more...

Andrée Murnaghan, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

I love learning with Jo Avison, and would highly recommend her ABC courses to anybody interested in practical anatomy from a highly informed perspective. She is a rare gift; a teacher who allows you to feel all the nuances of what she is teaching you. Study for the soul.

Clare Maddalena, LushTums Founder

I absolutely love Joanne Avison and her life’s work and I am so grateful she has been able to share it with us. I was fortunate enough to participate on the ABC Course in person with Jo and experienced her wonderful, rich, insightful, wisdom first hand. She has the unique skill of drawing together many aspects; from movement and old-school anatomy, to ancient teachings and a modern understanding of fascia. An essential learning for all body-workers, yoga teachers and practitioners, and for anyone generally living inside of a body and interested in what this means! For me, Jo’s exploration and sharing goes some way to answering the big questions too; what we are, why do things work in the way that they do, why are we here! A paradigm shift for sure in how we see ourselves and our interactions with our environment and world around us and the huge significance of this inter-play.

Kate Anderson, Kate Anderson Yoga

Studying anatomy with Jo has been an utter treat. Her passion and enthusiasm for the subject is infectious and her insightful approach to the human body has completely transformed the way that I move and teach. The Anatomy ABC course is without a doubt the most thought provoking, inspiring and valuable course I’ve attended.

Wibbs Coulson, Mandukya Yoga

The ABC course was came along at the perfect time for me. Taking my knowledge of anatomy as a nurse and a movement geek and bringing it right up to date with the thing I actually FELT were going on in my body. From the embryology and the ways in which we self assembled along with sacred geometry it just filled all the gaps left in all my previous anatomical training. I cannot recommend both Jo and her ABC course highly enough. It will give you so much more of an embodied understanding of your self in life and practice.

Helen Moss, ImagineREST Founder

Jo’s training style is warm, inviting and inclusive. She leaves no on behind on the learning journey and her enthusiasm and passion is infectious. The ABC training I believe is essential in any teachers tool kit and should be what all teachers learn in their teacher trainings. The training updated my idea of anatomy and movement in such a way that after 12 years of teaching I see things with fresh eyes. I am eternally grateful to Jo for her skill in action in sharing her life’s work with me and others. I can’t wait to learn more from her.

Charlotte Watts, yoga teacher and nutritional therapist, author of Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health and Yoga and Somatics for Immune and Respiratory Health (2022)

The ABC Anatomy course was truly wonderful - Joanne brought a creativity to the poetics of our movement, responses and sense of self that finally made sense to what I actually experience in my whole body/mind. The content has been invaluable for me to weave into my teaching, writing and relationship with my own practice and exploration.

Sarah Harding, Yoga Teacher

It was an absolute joy to attend Jo’s ABC anatomy course. It was thought provoking and inspiring throughout, presented in imaginative ways through creative stories, practical experiments, discussion and enquiry. It changed the way I see our development as human beings and has massively informed my teaching. Thank you Jo!

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