Join Dr Joanne Avison and Helen Eadie for a Winter day retreat, inspired by the magic of fascia. 

A day that is devoted to nourishing movement, satsang (an opportunity for discussion and meditation), time in Nature, deep rest, community, nutritious food, and warm cacao – especially if you fancy some cold-water swimming!

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What you will learn

In M.A.P. you will begin learning the language of archetypes, as a powerful tool of self-awareness, that shifts and transforms how you see yourself. Revealing your 12 unique archetypal patterns becomes a profound, living, personal resource. It transforms your life story, expanding your awareness to meet and match others, and shift your relationships to everyone and everything. When you know how to work with your archetypes you’ll see that your M.A.P. serves your highest purpose in magical and mystical ways.

We'll be exploring movement that promotes elasticity (the intrinsic bounce and adaptability of our tissues), sensory awareness, and rotational force flow as key components to supporting the health and integrity of our fascia matrix.

Patterns, pathways and postures which honour the spiral architecture of our bodies will  invite ease, flow, integration, and freedom to our body-mind.

Our practice takes place in a hand crafted yurt, nestled in a beautiful wild-flower meadow within the pioneering 3,500-acre re-wilding project of the Knepp Estate.

In between our morning and afternoon practices we’ll enjoy a delicious home-made vegetarian lunch, with the option to walk some ancient trails of Knepp, dip in the small lake for some cold water therapy (if that's your thing!), and rest deeply.

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